A couple of years ago, I started to live the concept of “one word”.  I realize that change is possible, but focus is required.  The goal is to choose one word to be my focus for the next twelve months, and to help me keep my attention fixed on that specific word.  The word for 2017 is “beloved”.

Beloved means the following: darling, dear, precious, adored, much loved, cherished, treasured, and highly regarded.  The word “beloved” has stood out in several books that I have read over the past month and in the scripture I read this week.  Song of Solomon 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…”. 

My Savior, Jesus, is my beloved and I am his!  I know this intellectually but I want to feel it deep down in my soul.  In my brokeness, I know He is there with hands stretched out waiting for me to give Him all the pieces of my broken heart.  The pieces that I hold on to for fear of rejection, even from a Savior that says he will never forsake me.

My pursuit for 2017 is to know and feel “beloved” by the Creator of the Universe!


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