Gratitude: A Heart of Thanksgiving

It is a couple of days before  Thanksgiving and I sit here pondering the events of last couple of years….

Six years ago, my life was in complete shambles.  My marriage was a disaster and I was trying to hold on to whatever sanity I could muster.  A few weeks before Thanksgiving I had asked my husband for a divorce.  I couldn’t keep on living with an alcoholic–the anger, resentment and just plain confusion were too much to bear.  We had been invited to my sister-in-laws parents for Thanksgiving dinner–however was I going to make it through the day.  I sat around the table as everyone stated “something they were grateful for”; I couldn’t think of anything.  I must have mumbled something that appeased the masses but I really didn’t feel grateful.

Fast forward to present day.  I am so grateful for everything God has taken me through, given me, and His love that He continues to pour out on me.  My husband celebrates 6 years of sobriety, my marriage has been restored, and our daughter is a senior in high school.  We could have only made this far by the grace of God.

Everything I am, have, and love is due to Jesus, My Lord and Savior, and I am eternally grateful.


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